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ACS – Around the World in 80 Days

Although Jules Verne's novel Around the World in 80 Days was written over a century ago, its theme of global adventure remains timeless and continues to inspire. Through a £20,000 wager in the 1870s (today worth around £14,010,000.00), Phileas finds his monotonous existence challenged by many dangers; including a detective who wants to arrest him, attacks by Sioux warriors, a mission to rescue his companions Princess Aouda and Passepartout, and a ferocious storm over the ocean.

Travelling around the world was quite a big deal for the novel's characters (and readers) from the late Victorian world. The idea of being able to visit places that were far beyond their own region stirred many imaginations. Today, with a private jet charter, Phileas Fogg could have enjoyed much more luxurious comforts along the way than he did in the classic novel. With the contributions of our travel experts, we re-create Mr. Fogg's journey around the world as though he had attempted it in our own times.

And that concludes our re-imagined journey around the world. We're sure you won't need a wager to compel you to book your flight and experience the fun and excitement that waits beyond the horizon – all you need is a sense of adventure. Mr.Fogg showed us that travelling the world is truly an enriching experience. If you're looking to escape the confines of everyday life, then a global adventure in a private jet charter might just be what you need.

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