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27 July 2015

Indonesia is a place of great beauty, with plenty of beaches, and culture to entertain even the most ardent history buff. The people are welcoming, the wildlife is entrancing and every temple has a story all of its own, with stunning landscapes found across all Indonesia’s islands.

If you plan on chartering to Indonesia, or between the islands upon arrival, make sure you pick the right island for your needs. Bali and Lombok are your beach lovers’ paradise, talcum-soft white sand gently lapped by clear waters inhabited by a multitude of species. For anyone with a penchant for sunbathing, diving or surfing, Bali will fulfil all your desires. Away from the beaches you’ll find plenty to see and do, with temples, rice fields and volcanic landscapes all within reach. Lombok is the lesser visited of the two islands, and the Gilis are even smaller islands, both also home to beautiful beaches.

Those with a love of wildlife will also find plenty to entertain them in Indonesia as it’s well known for its diversity. Many will head to Borneo to see the orang-utans, but do be aware that you can also see a different breed of orang-utan on the island of Sumatra. There is also the island of Komodo, home to the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth. Papua is especially popular with ornithologists, with plenty of colourful birds across the island. Heading beneath the waves will also yield plenty of marine life, with colourful tropical fish, turtles and more.

For more of the cultural side head inland a bit on one of the main islands and you’ll find plenty to see. On Java you’ll find the iconic Borobudur Temple, built from two million stone blocks, it’s both magnificent in its sheer size and in the beautiful sculptural work you can see when up close. On the island of Bali you’ll find Ulu Watu, perched on the very edge of a cliff, it offers stunning views out of the ocean as well as beautiful architecture and sculptural work inside. But these are just a couple of examples; there are plenty of temples, museums and more on most of the large islands.

So, whether you fancy chartering to Indonesia or just between its islands, enquire now and charter a private jet to Indonesia with Air Charter Service.

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