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1 February 2007

When you plan a special event, everything about it has to be special. Carmen Vanegas, senior charter analyst, happily agreed when a customer said this to her recently. He intends to celebrate his 50th birthday by hosting a weekend party in Venice for his closest friends and family, but was finding his plans blocked by commercial carriers.

"He wants the whole party to fly together," explains Carmen, "but, even with months of advance notice, the airlines are unable to help. Although his birthday is not until June, everyone is already saying that they just do not have the seats available at the right times. It should be a celebration, but was beginning to turn into a nightmare."

The gentleman was equally unhappy at the thought of arranging the logistics for his guests to travel to different airports, taking different flights and not arriving at the same time. Knowing that everyone would have to check-in two hours before departure, then queue for baggage collection in Venice, was also a dispiriting prospect.

He liked Carmen's answer - and a booking was swiftly confirmed. The customer will meet all of his guests at the exclusive, newly refurbished London Farnborough Airport. They will have a terminal to themselves, where drinks and refreshments will be available during the 30 minutes between check-in and take-off.

Once aboard their stylish, 46-seat Canadair Regional Jet, they will enjoy a three-course "Business Class" style meal, before arriving in Venice. Upon arrival, bags will be off-loaded immediately, so that everyone will be leaving the airport within just 30 minutes of arrival. The return journey will be equally smooth, helping to ensure a hassle-free party for all concerned.

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