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100 Years of Boeing Large

100 Years of Boeing

The world's largest aerospace company, Boeing, is celebrating its centenary and we thought it an opportune moment to pay tribute to the company that’s jetted millions of people to destinations around the world. On July 15 2016, we celebrate 100 years of The Boeing Company, the world's leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners.

Whether you prefer to travel first class commercially or rent a private jet for your travels, the chances are that you’ve enjoyed the comfort and class of Boeing engineering. After a century of commercial and aerospace innovation we thought we’d take a moment to recognise their journey and contributions to our shared passion.

In March 1910 William Boeing purchased Heath’s shipyard in Seattle, a site which would later become his first airplane manufacturing factory. William had become wealthy by working in the timber industry, which turned out to be useful because it not only gave him the required capital to let his dreams take flight but it also gave him insight into wooden frames and construction. William finally founded his company shortly after U.S. Navy engineer, George Conrad Westervelt, assisted him in the construction of the Boeing Model 1 (commonly known as the B & W Seaplane) and its successful maiden flight on June 15, 1916.

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On May 9 1917, the company was dubbed "Boeing Airplane Company" and the future looked bright. When the US was finally drawn into WWI Boeing knew that the navy would need reliable planes with which to conduct vital training. The company sent them two Model Cs, which became so popular with the troops that the navy placed an order for 50 more. Boeing moved its manufacturing operation to a larger former shipbuilding facility, known as Boeing Plant 1, which was on the lower Duwamish River. By the end of the war the market was flooded with superfluous war planes, which caused many of Boeing’s competitors to close their doors, but Boeing persevered by expanding their product line to dressers, counters, and furniture until the aviation market picked up again.

Over the decades Boeing went from strength to strength due to excellent leadership, a keen collective business sense, and superior technological innovation. They eventually expanded into space and defence technology, becoming one of the most relied upon aerospace specialists in the United States. To this day airliners transporting the President under the call-sign of ‘Air Force One’ remain of Boeing engineering (currently the Boeing VC-25). They have developed essential aerospace technology and pushed the boundaries of what man thought he could achieve in the air as well as creating some of the most celebrated and identifiable jets, such as the Boeing 777 the world’s largest twin jet airliner.

So, as a proud supplier of Boeing private charter jets, the team here at Air Charter Service wishes The Boeing Company a happy upcoming centenarian and a 100 more years of success. We’ll be keeping an eye on the sky for your beautiful birds.


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