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8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter

Chartering a private jet has distinct advantages. This guide details eight of the countless reasons you should consider opting for private jet hire instead of first class.

The key distinction between chartering a private jet and flying in first class is this: flying private is all about you, and flying commercial is all about the airline. Chartering a private jet gives you the freedom to fly wherever you want, whenever you want, in a setting specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. And while the experience of flying private is undeniably plush, the benefits cover so much more than luxury. We’ve put together a list of eight advantages of travelling by private jet for the next time you’re planning a trip.

8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter
8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter

Choose whatever cuisine you crave

Whether you’re craving haute cuisine with Champagne or kung pao chicken and lo mein from your favorite take-out spot, the menu on board your private jet is entirely up to you. While a first class flight may offer a decent meal, this level of customization, down to the brand of tea you prefer, just can’t be had on a commercial airline.

Land closer to your final destination

When you fly private, you choose the departure and arrival terminals. If you live near a small private airport or airfield, you’re free to depart from there and avoid the traffic at a busy hub. And once you leave, your private jet hire can land at whichever airport is closest to your destination. This way, you can spend more time in your final destination and less time getting there.

8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter
8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter

No lengthy layovers

Don’t be limited by the airline’s flight schedule. Do you need to get from a meeting in London to a college visit in Providence, Rhode Island? We can get you there directly. This means no more sleeping at the airport or spending hours killing time between flights. And if you’re running late, there’s no need to sprint through the airport. This time, the plane waits for you.

Have your pet sit beside you

Sending your pet to spend a long flight in cargo can be anxiety-inducing for both of you. And that’s if she or she is able to come along at all. Not all commercial flights allow a pet on board, or charge hefty fees to do so. On a private jet, your pet can sit right alongside you, enjoying the same level of comfort you do.

8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter
8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter

Choose your aircraft and its interior

Is your style more classic or modern? Would you like to have the capacity to seat seven or 14? These aren’t questions you hear from a commercial airline. Flying private offers a range of sizes and luxury interiors, and you decide which is right for you. This guide will also provide you with some more information on what the inside of a private jet looks like.

Leave when you want to

Commercial flights stick to a set schedule that is too often delayed by outside variables. The most common cause of a delayed flight isn’t weather – it’s a late-arriving aircraft. When you fly private, you choose a departure time that is most convenient for your schedule, not the airline’s.

8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter
8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter

Have the entire aircraft to yourself

Imagine if the only passengers on board your next flight were those you invited. On a private flight, you can hold confidential meetings in flight, work without interruptions, or spend time with your friends and family.

Enjoy private lounges and terminals

No matter how luxurious the first class cabin may be, the only way to get there is by braving the chaos and lengthy queues at the airport. But if you’re flying private, you can have your chauffeur drive you directly to the tarmac. Some private terminals even offer a luxurious private lounge where you can relax while you wait for your friends to arrive.

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