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Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia, Caribbean

A break for the beach

When two VIP guests en route to a party in the Caribbean had their domestic connection to London cancelled, their travel company asked us to step in and help. With their scheduled flight to the tropics fast approaching and no other options that day, our London Executive Jets team had to act fast to get them to London in time.


While one account manager approached operators to source an aircraft positioned as close as possible to the travellers’ nearest airport, another started booking slots and applying for permits. Luckily, thanks to our close relationship with a local operator, we were able to find a Cessna Citation that was due to reposition back to London that night. A quick diversion was arranged to pick up the passengers on the way.

While all this was happening, a third member of the ACS team got in contact with the private terminal at the airport to arrange for the VIPs to be transferred from the main terminal in readiness for their upcoming private flight.

Within an hour of the call, we had an aircraft ready to go with all the necessary logistics in place. The private flight touched down in London in plenty of time and the pair were soon being whisked off to warmer climes.


MEET AND GREET: A member of the ACS team met the clients at the airport in London and escorted them quickly to their Caribbean-bound flight.

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