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A family holiday down under

A Family Holiday Down Under

We were contacted on behalf of the CEO of a financial institute looking to plan a Chinese New Year family trip across Australia. There were seven members of the family travelling, three of which were elderly and two of which were children, plus a butler and travel guide. He wished to fly from China to Australia scheduled but then do internal hops via private jet, along with a bespoke helicopter sightseeing trip or two. They came to us to make the most of their time away, as scheduled flights were making the trip unfeasible.


As we had quite a diverse range of ages in the group and that the client had mentioned wanting to fly to some smaller islands, we needed something large enough for everyone to be comfortable, but small enough to land at these island airports. Of the range we offered, the client chose the Cessna Citation Sovereign, which was the one we had originally recommended, as it that had plenty of space for ease of movement, and extra luggage space for any additional luggage. We then had to come up with an itinerary that left enough time for rest and relaxation, visited the places the family had on their wishlist, but also allowed for the family to enjoy a range of activities, including two helicopter trips. Our private jet department in Beijing worked closely with our travel department in London to tailor-make the ideal trip, with our Sydney office also getting involved in helping to book things locally, due to time differences and connections.


CATERING: We arranged catering throughout the tour, but as the travel was during the Chinese New Year period we arranged with the operator to serve a traditional Chinese snack on board on the day itself to ensure the holiday was properly acknowledged.

FLIGHT REPRESENTATION: We had a flight representative on board the first flight to make sure everything was to their liking, who was on call 24/7 to deal with issues as they arose. They also provided a Polaroid camera for the family so they could document their first family flight on a private jet.

THE FINISHING TOUCHES: The client asked if we could ensure a traditional New Year celebration and we were able to help arrange a Lion Dance performance on the day.

THE EXTRA MILE:They were worried they had too much luggage for their onward scheduled flight back to China so we checked with their airline and confirmed that the extra luggage was within limits so they didn’t have to worry.

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