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4 September 2015

Whilst our Houston office may be slightly smaller than some of its other American counterparts, it still knows the importance of knowing all the best dining spots in town, especially when it comes to good classic American food, though as one of the most multicultural areas in the south, you’ll find plenty more to enjoy.

Top of the pile was the Goode Company BBQ, which offers rustic, charming décor, with big sharing tables as well as smaller tables for couples and small groups. Food is served cafeteria style, so simply grab your tray, cutlery and drink and then make your way towards the food. You’ll find everything from brisket to pork ribs, and honey-smoked ham to chicken, stuffed baked potatoes and Austin baked beans. Goode Company also has other restaurants specialising in seafood and Mexican cuisine.

The Hubcap Grill was another meatilicious offering. Voted Houston’s best burger, there are a few scattered throughout the city, each offering a plentiful selection of burgers and chips. Each establishment usually has their own specialty, but by and large the menus are pretty similar. In most of the restaurants you can choose from beef or chicken, and there are a whole range of add-ons from chili and cheese to sausage, peanut butter and Cheetos. The Houston Heights restaurant has a great beer selection, specialising in promoting local beers and breweries.

For something entirely different, but equally as delicious, head to the Blue Nile restaurant. Serving Ethiopian specialties, this chic little restaurant offers a diverse menu, with each dish written out in detail, to help you take what could possibly be your first foray into this type of cuisine. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in the city, and caters for lovers of meat, fish and there’s also plenty for vegetarians too.

This last one is a little sweeter than the rest, but well worth a visit. The Chocolate Bar is any chocoholics dream, with cakes, ice cream, cookies and much, much more. We’re told that their gift sets are the best in town, and that any visitor must stop in for a slice of Aunt Etta or Uncle Darryl cake, accompanied by a coffee. If it’s hot, their ice creams are always popular with great flavours like Creamy Dreamy Truffle, Teddy Camp Smores and Candylicious Junkyard.

So if you find yourself in Houston, feeling a little bit peckish why not try out one of our recommendations and let us know what you think. To charter a private jet to Houston, enquire now or take a look at our aircraft guide.

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