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4 August 2015

Paris is a city famed for its romance and its food. With so many beautiful restaurants to choose from, picking one can be quite an ordeal! We asked our France office where their favourite places to dine were, and why.

Unsurprisingly, most of the restaurants chosen do serve classic French cuisine, but who can blame them. French cuisine is one of only two accredited UNESCO status and recreated in cities across the world, so where better to get to grip with it, than its home, Paris.

À la Tête d'Or was a popular choice, with a lovely rustic, homely setting and classical French food. Another favourite was Chez Lena et Mimile which is said to have the best terrace in all of Paris. Here you can dine beneath the stars and enjoy the charming location as well as the outstanding food. Great food, great location, great terrace. Petrelle is another restaurant serving classic French dishes but in a stylish, quirky yet still distinctly romantic setting. The food and wine are both pretty spectacular, with all the dishes having that real, home made feel, but with plenty of additional touches to take it up a notch.

Dong Huong is another non-French favourite. Offering wonderful Vietnamese fare, this little slice of Asia is one of the best restaurants in Paris. Once inside you'll see that the décor is simple, service is friendly, polite and efficient but that its the food that does all the talking. Our French Office are especially fond of the beef pho and crab noodle soup.

The last, and possibly most popular one so far is Candeleria. Now, not only does Candeleria do some great food, but its also the place to go for cocktails. Head through the restaurants to the bar at the back and pick anything from the menu, you wont be disappointed. If you do stick around in the restaurant for some food first, we have it on good authority that the tacos are amazing.

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