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A foodies guide to: Toronto

Toronto is a sprawling city, the most populous in Canada, and home to a vast array of eatery options. Bars, restaurants, fast-food joints, it has it all in abundance.

O.Noir was first on their list of must-sees, or in this case, must-experience. O.Noir is dining in the dark, no sight is required, and you’ll be guided to and from your table by you visually impaired wait staff, experience life as they do. The food is outstanding, and the fact that one of your main senses is rendered useless, only heightens your others.

If you like casual dining, WVRST is reminiscent of a traditional German beer hall, with long tables, plenty of tankards and of course, sausage. However, what makes WVRST stand out is that it is home to over 22 types of sausage, including gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. From duck to kangaroo and bratwurst to boerewors, they simply have it all.

Both the Barque Smokehouse and Barberian's Steakhouse were also popular with our staff out in Toronto, both offering a great vibe and plenty of meat. Barberian's also has an outstanding wine selection. Equally if you're looking for something more laid back, but equally as meaty, The Chickery should be your go to chicken spot, whilst both Burger Priest and P&L Burger will satisfy any burger cravings you should have. Equally for the best shawama in town, and freshly baked naan bread every hour, head over to Me Va Me Kitchen Express.

If you're looking for an Asian twist to your dining, both Momofuko and Guu offer a great range and plenty of atmosphere. Momofuko is located in the Shangri-La Hotel, so you know it must be good. For Italian, both Terroni and Gusto 101 were beloved by our Toronto colleagues whilst those looking for Mexican flair should head to El Catrin. There is also Patria, offering Spanish tapas and Canoe, offering an interesting Jamaican/Thai fusion with plenty of amazing food and drink options.

As it turns out, our friends in Toronto also know a thing or two about the best drinking spots in town, those with good food at least, so for a little added extra, read on. The Pravda Vodka Bar is well known for its variety of vodka, but also has some great food to keep you seeing straight. Sin & Redemption is a Belgian pub located across from the Art Gallery of Ontario, they have over 40 beers on tap and some great food. If you love your beer you should also try out the Amsterdam Brewhouse, equally if cocktails are more your thing, then head to the Home of the Brave. Looking for something a little special? Head to Barhop on a Tuesday for a great selection of international beers and oysters.

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