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ACS On Ice

A global events agency was tasked with the travel logistics for a European ice skating tour for a renowned entertainment brand.


Our London office quickly got to work finding a range of options that met their criteria, and due to our close relationship with European operators were able to negotiate competitive pricing on both an Airbus A320 and a Boeing 787-800, options that would usually have been out of budget. Both aircraft could comfortably accommodate all passengers and their luggage and had good availability because of the quieter winter season. The cost of the charter for each leg of the tour came in as a more cost effective solution than buying seats on scheduled services with the added bonus that all passengers and luggage got to travel together, on the same dedicated aircraft.

The client chose to use both aircraft for different parts of the tour, as it worked out to be more cost-efficient to utilise them both, rather than to use one aircraft for the entire itinerary. To help ensure the schedule was adhered to, we expedited travel through the airports by pre-printing boarding cards to give to passengers on arrival. During the tour we kept in touch with the events agency as well as the ground handlers to ensure the aircraft was available to board as soon as the passengers arrived, avoiding any unnecessary delays which could cause a knock-on effect.


FLIGHT MONITORING: Our 24 hour operations department, together with the client’s personal account manager monitored the flights from take-off to landing, to ensure they were on schedule.

CATERING: We provided a range of catering options depending on the length of the flight, but ensured it was ‘buy on board’ to keep the costs to the tour company at a minimum.

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