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Air Ambulance Service Moves Mountains for UK Patients

Often, the level of precision and skill needed in air ambulance rescue operations means that most of the team members will work close to 365 days a year. In that year a single air ambulance lifts off 52,560 times on its way to save a life.

As more and more people move towards the city centres and heavily populated urban areas, it becomes necessary for air ambulances to function seeing as gridlocked traffic poses one of the biggest obstacles to successfully rescuing someone, using a normal ambulance, during an emergency situation. One of the UK's foremost rescue teams, Air Ambulance Service, primarily deals with urban rescues but mountain rescues can be particularly risky for both the response team and the casualty. However, you can rest assured that your local air rescue team has you covered regardless of the terrain.

Emily Magdij of Air Ambulance Service relates one such story:

DLRAA [Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance] often work with Edale MRT [Edale Mountain Rescue Team], and on Monday 20th April, 2015, they were called to rescue a man in his 20s who had taken a significant fall while climbing – suffering an upper-arm injury. A member of Edale MRT was quickly on-scene to help, followed by DLRAA – carrying one of the doctors that volunteers with the mountain rescue team on a regular basis.

Their teamwork, supplemented by the doctor's other work with the unit, saw the man treated and stabilised swiftly and safely. The patient was quickly packaged and taken to hospital aboard the waiting air ambulance.

The life of an air ambulance rescue paramedic is always a race against the clock and can be a highly stressful environment for every man and woman involved. Luckily, the UK has some of the world's best air ambulance rescue teams servicing its citizens. You can rest assured that these men and women all know what they're doing and if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing them, they will be there without delay. Air Charter Service, who provide Air Ambulance/ Medevac Charters, would like to acknowledge the contributions made to the people of the UK by various air ambulance services, and thank them for the life-saving they do daily.

Remember if you’re ever in trouble in a remote area that Air Charter Service can assist in arranging immediate aid through nearby rescue teams.

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