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AOG Case Study: Two aircraft tyres

When their Boeing 767 burst two nose gear tyres upon a heavy landing in stormy conditions in Mauritius, the major European airline chartering it needed a swift way of getting the aircraft airborne again. As the only available spare tyres at the time were located in an aerospace store in Dubai, our client contacted us for our assistance in getting the parts to their stranded aircraft.

CARGO: Two aircraft tyres

AIRCRAFT: Gulfstream G550

ROUTE: Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Port Louis, Mauritius


Our client’s dedicated account manager located in London recognised that a conventional cargo charter wasn’t the most efficient way of reaching the aircraft parts in the UAE. So, they worked closely with ACS Dubai’s Executive Jet department to source a jet. The jet’s ability to be deployed in around two hours meant that the parts could be expedited to the stranded aircraft. In order to reach Mauritius, the client’s dedicated account manager was simultaneously working with our Johannesburg office, whose relationship with the Mauritian Civil Aviation Authority ensured all traffic rights were obtained in a timely manner. As a result of our global network and the expertise of our account manager, the aircraft tyres were handed over to local engineers in Mauritius a mere 12 hours after receiving confirmation from customer.

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