A communications agency needed our help flying actors, VIPs and influencers from Madrid to Ibiza to promote the launch of a new television series.

Arranging a VIP flight for a TV show launch

A communications agency asked us to organise a promotional flight from Madrid to Ibiza ahead of the launch of a new television series. The series is set on an island and the client wanted to fly the group to a similar setting but also wanted the flight to be an event, complete with aircraft livery, actors dressed as TV characters, photographers and in-flight entertainment. This was the client’s first charter and the launch date of the show kept changing, so attention to detail and flexibility were essential to pull it off.

Our Solution

Route: Madrid > Ibiza > Madrid

Aircraft: Boeing B737-400

Our experienced team sourced a Boeing B737 that could easily accommodate the group of 70 influencers, journalists, actors and production staff, and worked with the client to design the aircraft’s branded livery. But there was still more to do to make this charter special.

First, we arranged for the passengers to arrive in groups and enjoy a private check-in at a premium access terminal, where they were also each handed an iPad by the client. Then, we coordinated actors dressed as characters from the TV series to greet the passengers on board the aircraft. To help promote the production, our team also secured permits from the Madrid Airport Authorities to allow photographers to take photos of the guests and branded aircraft from the tarmac.

Once the passengers were in the air, they were able to watch the first episode of the TV series on their iPad. Our team also arranged for the branded aircraft to fly the promotional party back to Madrid.

The Finer Details

Charter Branding: We travelled with the production company to view the aircraft a month before the flight and planned how to brand its livery.

Careful Organisation: Our team coordinated each group’s arrival 15 minutes apart to ensure everything ran smoothly.


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