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BrewDog Case Study

BrewDog Case Study

BrewDog approached us to help make BrewDog Airlines’ first transatlantic flight a seamless success. The flight was to carry lucky Equity Punks (aka their shareholders) to visit BrewDog’s first US brewery and we were to coordinate the aircraft and work closely with them to ensure the flights were fully branded, stocked with their beers and synced up with their ground transportation in Columbus, Ohio.


We arranged for a Boeing B767-300 ER to fly from London Stansted to Columbus Ohio, returning a few days later, with two members of ACS staff on board. We were also able to arrange for dedicated check-in desks, and worked with the airline to ensure BrewDog were able to play their own media on board, as well as run a beer tasting of their new beer ‘Flight Club’ during the flight. We loaded four pallets of beers and spirits, two for outbound and two for the return leg, as well as specialised catering to pair with the beer tasting.

Unfortunately there was a small issue with the bathrooms on board the aircraft as, due to the amount of beer on board, and how much passengers had drank before boarding, the loos became full before the end of the flight. Our on board reps found out just what the repercussions would be if they needed to divert the flight, but BrewDog decided to continue on, with the Equity Punks gamely crossing their legs till disembarkation.

We arranged to fly out of a smaller airport in Columbus to ensure we could provide everything BrewDog needed but unfortunately they were unable to provide boarding cards and luggage tags. To ensure this wouldn’t be a problem our ACS flight reps pre-printed them at Stansted and handed them out to passengers at check-in.


CATERING: We organised specialised catering to be on board the flights to best pair up with the beer being served, and also for additional BrewDog beers to be loaded in America for the return flight back to the UK.

FLIGHT REPRESENTATION: We had two flight representatives on board for the duration of the tour, allowing us to be on call 24/7 and deal with issues as they arose.

THE FINISHING TOUCHES: We arranged for branded check-in desks as well as headrest covers, and also arranged for BrewDog’s personalised flight packs to be loaded onto the aircraft for the Equity Punks to enjoy. We also organised for them to be able to play their television series through the onboard media centre and make a personalised welcome announcement over the PA system.

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