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Possibility of charter flights from eight countries to be allowed into China

It has been reported by media outlets that China plans to relax the rules around chartered flights arriving from eight countries. Covid-19 led to a radical reduction in flights around the world as countries restricted access and closed borders.

China has been steadily rebuilding domestic capacity as the outbreak eases within its own borders to a level where internal flights are estimated to account for more than a third of global seat capacity, the overwhelming majority of that is for flights within China. 

It is thought that Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, U.K., Italy, France and Switzerland will be allowed to schedule charter flights into China but the specific number of flights permitted is not known at this time.

China has allowed international airlines to fly in just once a week for the past two months under the ‘Five-One’ policy. This limits all domestic airlines to one international flight per week to each country while foreign airlines can fly into China no more than once per week. U.S.-based passenger airlines had already stopped flying to China by the time this policy was introduced, as had the likes of British Airways PLC and Lufthansa AG.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China did not immediately respond to requests for confirmation of the plan or offer any comments. However, the state-run newspaper, Global Times, reported that the CAAC has allowed domestic and foreign airlines to apply for ‘green channels’ for chartered flights to China.

We will update this page once anything has been confirmed.

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