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5 August 2015

Think of an island, home to idyllic beaches, lapped by the azure waters of a natural lagoon beneath brilliant blue skies, hidden away in an untouched corner of the world, welcome to Bora Bora.

From the moment you set foot on the talcum soft, white sand you can feel your troubles start to melt away. The whole of French Polynesia offers such wonders, but Bora Bora is that quintessentially paradisiacal island that everyone has heard of, and everyone dreams of.

The interior of the island is lush and rugged, with plenty of opportunity for hiking, biking and 4x4 tours, should you be able to tear yourself away from the beaches. Equally you can also take cultural walks across the island visiting villages and towns, ideal for trying local cuisine as well as picking up some souvenirs.

Back to the beaches you’ll find that no matter which one you visit, chances are it’ll be idyllic and, as many are edged with a scattering of luxury hotels, clean and relatively empty. Due to the lagoon the water is relatively calm, with plenty of opportunity for snorkelling and swimming. Beyond the reef you’ll find great diving opportunities, with plenty of species of shark and ray in abundance, as well as turtles, dolphins and, if you head to the Manta Channel a short boat ride away, you can even swim with mantas.

If you are heading to Bora Bora, you can choose to island hop to some of the other gorgeous islands in the vicinity, whether you do so by the air, or by sea is up to you, both will have their fair share of outstanding views. Most islands will have overwater accommodation available, so privacy is easy to come by and direct access to the lagoon only adds to the Robinson Crusoe experience.

So why not charter to Bora Bora with Air Charter Service and experience true luxury in the air, as well as on the ground. Some of our favourite resorts include the Four Seasons Bora Bora and the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort.

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