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14 July 2015

If you’re looking for landscapes that take your breath away, for areas of untouched natural beauty and plenty of culture, Iceland can provide. There’s a sense of otherworldliness the minute you set foot on Icelandic soil. You can feel it in the air and in the ground beneath your feet. Even the cities have this palpable air of something truly magical.

Most people visiting Iceland have come for the beauty of the landscapes. Vast glaciers, shimmering in the light, geysers shooting upwards, volcanoes rumbling gently beneath snowy shrouds and lakes steaming in the afternoon light. The volcanic activity makes Iceland a wonderland of natural phenomena, so you can easily trek across a glacier, ice climb up a frozen waterfall or simply relax in a bubbling hot spring of an afternoon, depending on the time of year of course. When you go plays a big part in your trip to Iceland as, due to its northerly location, during certain times of the year the sun barely sets and other times, it’ll be dark by 5pm. Of course no trip to Iceland would be complete without an attempt to see the fabled Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis as it is also known. Sightings aren’t guaranteed, but to up your chances of seeing this magnificent spectacle, head to Iceland between September and April and look out for nice clear nights.

The main city on visitors list is of course Reykjavik, the capital. The centre of the city is small and easily walkable, with museums and galleries to visit as well as colourful, distinctive houses. There are also a few small parks and lakes, as well as a botanical garden. There’s also plenty of shopping to be done, with lots of traditional Nordic handicrafts available, as well as clothes, jewellery etc. In the evenings be sure to explore, you’ll no doubt find concerts, art shows and poetry readings scattered across the city, as well as a great array of drinking and dining establishments. Reykjavik is well known for its party scene as well, with bars and clubs open till the early hours. Most are located close together in the Laugarvegur area in the city centre, but if in doubt just ask, locals are happy to help out tourists with directions.

Whether you choose a tiny village on the edge of a national park, or a sprawling city, you’ll be sure to enjoy the charming hospitality this beautiful country is known for. For more information on how to charter a private jet to Iceland with Air Charter Service, enquire now.

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