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Dream Journeys: Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are outstanding in their natural beauty and breadth of endemic species. The wildlife is in abundance and much of it you’ll find nowhere else on earth. The islands are small, so we recommend hopping between a few of them, visiting a mixture of large and small to ensure you really get a sense of what they are all about.


There is plenty to see beneath the waves whether you’re snorkelling or diving, though where you go and what you see is very dependent on your skills. If you’re a fully qualified diver with a good few dives under your belt, the more northerly islands as the ones for you. There are strong currents and visibility can change swiftly, which is why it’s recommended for more experienced divers. That said, the pros far outweigh the cons, with an outstanding array of marine life and barely anything else. What you can find are schools of hammerhead sharks, majestic whale sharks, orcas, rays, turtles and more. Snorkelers can also enjoy the delights, though they are better off staying further south. You won’t get the big schools of sharks and you’d be very, very lucky indeed to see a whale shark, but you’ll still see far more than practically anywhere else in the world, and you can swim with sea lions.



A visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island is an educational experience, teaching you all about the endemic flora and fauna found on the island and those around it. Here you’ll also find the Blue Turtle Cove, home to plenty of marine life, and Cerro Dragón, known for its flamingo lagoon. Across a lot of the islands you’ll find tortoises, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas and plenty of bird life but there are a few islands with treats not found elsewhere. The first is Genovesa Island, which is also known as ‘the bird island’ and for very good reason, a must for any budding ornithologists as there are plenty of endemic species. The next are Española Island, which has the most endemic species of wildlife, not just birds, in the Galapagos, and Wolf Island, home to the vampire finch. If you’re looking for penguins, you’ll want to head to Bartolomé or Isabela Islands.

So whether you plan on sticking to land or take a dip in the big blue, you’ll find the Galapagos Islands are breath-taking in their natural beauty as well as being home to rare species both above ground and underwater. Charter a private jet with Air Charter Service today, and make your dream journey a reality. Take a look at our aircraft guide or enquire today.

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