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Dream Journeys: Mexico

Whether it’s sprawling cities, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins or outstanding food, Mexico is a destination with something special for every visitor to its shores. Our journey starts in Guadalajara, moving through Mexico City to the ruins of Chichen Itza and on to the beaches of Cancun.

We start our journey in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico, but one often overlooked by tourists. Further North than Mexico City, it has an array of different neighbourhoods where you’ll find everything from colonial architecture to modern bars, markets to chic restaurants and vast parks to bustling malls. Home of tequila, mariachi music and rodeo, it’s also a must do for any foodies with a vast range of up market restaurants and great street food. If you can, try to squeeze in a visit to Santo Coyote, its food and entertainment, giving you a whirlwind, but fully immersive experience of Mexico.

Next we’ll head south to Mexico City where you’ll want to spend a few days exploring. The Centro Historico is where it all began, and a must for any history buffs. Here you’ll find plenty of colonial landmarks and a few scatterings of European architecture amongst the cobbled streets thronged with people visiting the multitude of shops and street vendors. Outside the historic centre you’ll find plenty more to do, and be sure to try some of the local restaurants and vendors, if it’s busy with the locals chances are it’s good! Mexico City is also a great place to witness your first Lucha Libre match, cheering on the wrestlers as they display the aerial wrestling techniques that differentiate them from their American counterparts.

From here, head to Chichen Itza, a place of great historical and cultural importance. A pre-Columbian city built by the Maya people, this great site is home to a selection of ancient monuments and ruins. El Castillo dominates the site but there are other large structures such as the Great Ball Court and the Temple of Warriors. There’s plenty to see here, with three separate areas offering different styles of architecture.

We would end out journey across Mexico in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, or another nearby beach resort. Here you can simply kick back and relax after your whirlwind tour, taking in those buzzing cities and ancient sites. Cancun itself is beautiful, bordering the Caribbean Sea, it’s soft sand beaches are bathed in sunshine and you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to keep you entertained should you choose to leave the comfort of the beach. There’s also an array of hotels, from smaller boutique style stays to large sprawling resorts with a myriad of facilities, often with great all inclusive packages allowing you to leave your wallet at home as you wine and dine to your hearts content.

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