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Fly by Private Jet Charter to Munich’s 2017 Fasching Festival

Fly by Private Jet Charter to Munich’s 2017 Fasching Festival

At the end of each winter, the famously buttoned-up city of Munich lets loose with its spectacular Fasching festival. The Bavarian city bursts to life with parades, costume contests and a series of glamorous galas and balls in this unique take on Carnival.

Fasching — occasionally called Fastnacht — first came to life as a pagan festival held to ward away the evils of winter and bring about a bountiful spring harvest. Now, the festival is affiliated with the Christian church and acts as a final celebration before the beginning of Lent.

The official start to the Fasching season is on 11th November at 11:11am with the coronation of the Fasching Prince and Princess. While the coronation marks the start to the Fasching season, the real revelry doesn’t begin until the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. This year, the dates fall over the 6th January to 28th February.

Nearly every corporation and society in the city hosts a gala or ball to celebrate the season. As such, over 800 parties are expected to take place this year, from elegant black tie galas to magical fancy dress balls. Many of these events are by invitation only, but the most glamorous events are held at the beautiful Deutsches Theater. Among the most famous balls hosted here is the Rose Gala, which features live opera performances and dancing on 24th February. To purchase tickets, visit this link.

The climax of the festival is on 26th February, when all of Munich comes together in Marienplatz square to sing, dance and masquerade through the city streets. On Shrove Tuesday itself, 28th February, the most famous costume parade takes place: the Dance of the Market Women. At exactly midnight on Shrove Tuesday, Lent begins and the festival is put to rest until the next year.

If you’re planning on jetting off to Munich to celebrate Fasching, you’re going to need some extra space to store all your ball gowns. Allow Air Charter Service to arrange your private plane hire to Munich Airport.

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