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Getting Airborne with ACS

Getting Airborne with ACS

When an international aerospace manufacturer’s aircraft was grounded with a fault in China, their freight forwarding partner asked Air Charter Service for a quick solution. Since they worked with us on a regular basis, the freight forwarder knew we were capable of coming up with a plan, and fast. A spare part was available in France, but it would need repairs en route. This meant a complex itinerary would need to be created, along with a strict schedule for both ground and air transport.


Since the part would need repairs in Hamburg before it could be fitted to the faulty jet, we set about plotting a route via Germany. Meanwhile, using our international network, we found a trusted courier with all the necessary visas for this unusual route. Within two hours of receiving confirmation from the client, the cargo was ready to be picked up from Le Havre and our team swung into action getting everything ready to go.

Then, at the very last minute, the client postponed departure by nine days. Our AOG team quickly updated the itinerary, booked new flights and ground transport, and asked our courier to stand down. We made good use of the extra time though, ensuring all the relevant paperwork was in place so the minute the shipment was ready to go, we would be too.

To get the part on the move as quickly as possible, our onboard courier accompanied it by road from Le Havre to Hamburg. From there it was flown by scheduled flight to Frankfurt, where the courier hand-delivered it to the engineering centre for repairs. Once it was fixed, our courier boarded a flight to Tianjin via Incheon, dealing with all the customs arrangements along the way. After a quick transfer to where the grounded aircraft was waiting, the part was delivered on time.

Within 24 hours of setting off, our courier had crossed four countries by land and air, and hand-delivered the part with time to spare. The replacement part was fitted and the aircraft was soon operational again, flying parts to a waiting aircraft production line.

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