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Greece extends the ban on direct flights from Britain

It has been reported by media outlets that the Greek government is extending a ban on direct flights arriving from Britain to the 15th of July. This delay will cause disruption to thousands of British holidaymakers and many may choose to fly in via another country, rather than direct from the UK, before the 15th.

There was optimism that, as the UK Government is working closely with popular holiday destinations to create 'air bridge' agreements, Greece would soon be open to visitors from the UK. Establishing an 'air bridge' with a country means that non-essential travel would be allowed and the requirement to quarantine for anyone arriving back into the UK would disappear. 

As to which countries would merit an ‘air bridge, it is believed that destinations including France, Italy, Greece and Spain would be suitable but others, such as Portugal and Sweden, with a rising rate of infection, would miss out.

To assist with and to clarify the requirements for travel to and from specific countries the UK Government is considering a system based on a ‘traffic light’ classification relative to the prevalence of coronavirus. ‘Green’ signifies that the country is safer than the UK, ‘amber’ is less safe and and ‘red’ will require returnees from that country to self isolate.

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