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HondaJet: The next step in aviation innovation

The HondaJet is set to be the fastest, quietest and most fuel efficient jet in its class after receiving FAA type certification, having proven just how outstanding it is when it comes to reliability and performance with over 3,000 hours of testing in over 70 locations across the USA. Honda’s first foray into the world of aviation lives up to the company’s reputation for superior performance, efficiency and quality.

What makes the HondaJet stand out from the crowd are its innovative features, bought about by over 20 years of extensive research and development. The first of which are the Over-The-Wing Engine Mounts, which not only breaks away from the current conventional engine mounts that you’ll see on most private aircraft, but also allows for more space within the cabin as well as a reduction in noise and fuel consumption. They have also made advancements in aerodynamics, producing designs for both the main wing air foil and fuselage nose shape reducing drag allowing for high cruising speeds and great fuel efficiency. The fuselage is also built of a lighter material than the standard aluminium many jets use, and also employs a co-cured integral structure and honeycomb sandwich structures, allowing for more cabin space and again, saving fuel.

Inside the aircraft there’s more innovation, with a cutting-edge cockpit with the Garmin® G3000 which includes an all-glass avionics system with dual touch-screen technology and three high-resolution displays. And for passengers, there’s plenty of cabin space, and every single element of the interior was researched and designed specifically for your comfort, and the location of the engines means more space as well as quieter travel, ideal for relaxing or getting a bit of work done.

HondaJet Fleet
HondaJet Fleet

As a whole, HondaJet is one of the world’s most advanced light business jets, with more space, less noise, better fuel efficiency and the ability to climb and cruise faster than its competitors. The Honda Aircraft Company is also committed to protecting the environment, their headquarters are LEED Gold certified, and the HondaJet is lower in both both fuel consumption and noise pollution than other jets on the market in the same category. Honda has a history of progression and this can be seen clearly in the HondaJet.

By working in collaboration with the FAA, The Honda Aircraft Company have established themselves as a real player in the field of private aviation, and with their type certification in place, work can now increase production at Greensboro. There are currently 25 aircraft on the final production line, as the rest of the company prepare for deliveries, pilot training and after-sales customer service, ensuring anyone choosing to purchase one of these innovative aircraft is well looked after.

So, if you’d like to know more about chartering one of these amazing aircraft in the future, or are looking to charter another type of private jet in the meantime, why not get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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