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Hong Kong Sevens

The Hong Kong Sevens currently make up the seventh leg of this 10 leg Sevens Series, but for many it is the most special, as this was where it all began. Now a three-day event, in part of an ever growing series, its beginning was far more humble.

The first Hong Kong Sevens took place in March 1976 after an English expat, Rodney Bentham-Wood, decided he wanted to create a pan-Asia rugby event and, after speaking to South African ADC ‘Tokkie’ Smith, Chairman of the Hong Kong Rugby Club, they came up with the Hong Kong Sevens. It was decided an XV-a-side would be too costly and more difficult to organise, and so they went with a sevens tournament, inviting countries to participate in what became the only regular tournament of seven-a-side for many years. That first year, teams from Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Tonga, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Malaysia took part, with New Zealand’s Cantabrians winning the tournament in the final against Australia.

Nowadays, there’s far more than just one regular sevens tournament, in fact, there is now a Sevens World Series, sponsored by HSBC. Organised for the first time as the World Sevens Series, it kicked off in 1999-2000 and now has 10 tournaments in 10 countries over five continents. There are 15 teams taking place during the 2015-2016 series, so a little different from the few that started off the trend back in 1976.

The Hong Kong Sevens is still seen as the premier tournament during the World Series, and it’s one of the biggest sporting events in Hong Kong. It takes place over three days and has a real party atmosphere, though that’s not to say it’s not family friendly, the vibe is positive and upbeat, ideal for anyone looking to experience a World Series match.

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