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How to charter a private jet to the Masters Large

How to charter a private jet to the Masters

This year the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club holds the 80th edition of the iconic Masters Tournament. We've taken a look at what makes this golf course so popular among both the golfing elite and their passionate fans.

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous golf clubs in the world. It is an invitation only club, with no application process, but guests can play if invited and accompanied by a member. It is a club still steeped in tradition, and also the home of the iconic green jacket, awarded to every winner of the Masters tournament. Each member of the club is also given a green jacket, but none are to leave the clubhouse, with the exception of the Masters winner, who may take it home for the year, to then return it unless they retain the title.

As a course, Augusta is both challenging and beautiful. Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, and designed in collaboration with Alister MacKenzie, it opened in 1933 and has continued to evolve ever since. It was created to be accessible to most players playing from the mid tees, but challenging for those playing from the back tees. It is the only course to host a major tournament every year, and due to the difficulty in getting the tickets, it’s seen as the major tournament to be at.

So, if you’ve managed to get your hands on some tickets, why not charter a private jet with Air Charter Service to Augusta, and arrive in style, just like the pros do.

To charter a private jet from Houston on a Citation XL, seating eight, will cost approx. $12,000, from New York on a Hawker 400XP, seating seven, will cost approx. $11,000, while from Los Angeles on a Hawker 800XP, seating eight, will put you back approx. $26,000.00. If heading from London, you’re looking at a Gulfstream IV, seating 12-14, which will cost approx. $85,000. Whether you’re traveling from one of these locations or somewhere completely different, please enquire so we can ensure you get the best seats in the house, for your trip to the Masters 2016.

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