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Italy opens to British visitors on 3rd June

One of the UK’s top holiday destinations will reopen to British tourists from 3rd June. The Italian Tourist Board broke the news that from tomorrow, British tourists will be able to travel to Italy with no quarantine restrictions. This includes travel to beach resorts, where new guidelines are in place to make sure that holidaymakers can safely enjoy the beautiful Italian coast.

Flavio Zappacosta, Italian Tourist Board Manager for UK and Ireland, said: “‘The tourism industry is one of Italy’s key economy drivers so it is with utmost importance that we open for business as soon as it is safe to do so. We know how popular Italy is for Brits and hope we can inspire them to start to plan and book an Italian holiday this year.”

Alongside the UK, Member States of the European Union, Andorra and Monaco will also be able to travel to Italy.

The news comes two weeks after Italy began to open up to its residents. Strict social distancing measures have been key to members of the public being able to enjoy parks, restaurants and shops.

From 15th June, further attractions – including theatres and concert halls – will also reopen to British visitors, with limited numbers of pre-assigned seats available.

It will be essential for visitors to wear a mask in all enclosed spaces, including in airports and hotels, on public transport and wherever one-metre social distancing cannot be safely practiced. Spas, saunas and Jacuzzis will remain off-limit for the time being.

Brits are currently awaiting further news from the UK government regarding opposition of the planned 14-day quarantine for arrivals into the UK.

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