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Jamaica reopens to international visitors on 15 June

The popular Caribbean island of Jamaica is getting ready to reopen to travellers on 15 June. The Jamaican government has been working closely with international partners and global health agencies to introduce health and safety protocols, including thermal temperature checks on arrival into the country. 

Tourism accounts for more than a third of Jamaica’s economy, with 130,000 people directly employed in the tourism industry and a further 120,000 tourism-related jobs. The Jamaica Tourist Board has said that safety is vital to a resilient and sustainable tourism sector, so health screening will take place before arrival and on arrival into the country, to protect visitors and residents.

Around 8,000 Jamaicans are currently being repatriated, having been stuck overseas due to travel restrictions. Until 14 June, Jamaicans returning home can expect temperature checks and a health screening. They will then need to self-isolate for 14 days. From 15 June, all visitors will undergo thermal temperature checks. Anyone with a high temperature or showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be subject to further screening and possible testing, and may also need to go into quarantine.

The island’s health and safety protocols will be reviewed every fortnight and revised as and when necessary.

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