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Maldives backtracks on expensive Covid-19 precautions for tourists entering the country when borders reopen

The Maldives plan on reopening to tourists in July and have apparently backtracked on their previous plans to introduce a ream of expensive COVID-19 precautions for tourists entering the country when borders reopen.

They plan on scrapping their proposed plans for visa fees and COVID 19 test fees on arrival. The Ministry of Tourism is now looking at offering cheaper holidays in the Indian Ocean, and have confirmed the country is “planning to reopen our borders for visitors from July. We also want to assure our guests that they will not be charged any additional fees to enter the Maldives.'

They have also scrapped plans that require a 14 night minimum stay, though the Ministry has made it clear that guests will still be expected to present a negative COVID-19 test result conducted a maximum of two weeks before arriving into the country.

As the bulk of the Maldives’ revenue comes from tourism it is clear why the government is keen to get tourism up and running with plenty of time before their high season, which takes place from December to April.

A few of the resorts have stayed open since March, with many looking to reopen during the coming months, with most set to be operational by October. There are also some new resorts planned on opening this year are also planning on opening this year.

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