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Fly to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 by Private Jet Charter

Every August, Edinburgh bursts to life as the largest arts festival in the world descends upon the city. Book a private jet charter to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to immerse yourself in the festivities.

The Fringe Festival is sprawling and eclectic, featuring tens of thousands of performances by professionals and students alike. Shows take place in a variety of venues throughout the city, from public parks to concert halls to coffee shops. It’s a lot to navigate, but with a little planning and a spirit for the arts, there are incredible things to discover. There’s no festival quite like it.

How to get to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

August is one of the sunniest, most beautiful months in Edinburgh. Couple that with the largest arts festival in the world, and you have a very busy month. To avoid the chaos and long lines at the airport, book a private jet charter to Edinburgh Airport, just eight miles from the city centre. Instead of jostling with the crowds at baggage claim, arrive into the exclusive private jet terminal. Relax in the luxurious lounge, equipped with showers, a business center and gourmet catering, or have a chauffeur load your bags directly into the car and whisk you to your hotel: no lines required. For an estimate on private jet charter prices, visit our simple private jet charter prices tool. Or, contact us and a specialist will help you with a personalised quote.

Edinburgh City
Edinburgh City
Tickets for Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Tickets for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

What You Need to Know about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

For three weeks every August, this festival transforms Scotland’s capital city into a wonderland of creativity. This year’s festival takes place from 4th August to 28th August. Artists come from around the world to stage performances of all kinds, including comedy, cabaret, puppetry, a cappella, opera, music, dance, circus and so many more. In 2016, the festival hosted 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues. This year is expected to be just as expansive. And as the 70th anniversary of the festival, some special surprises may be in store.

With thousands of shows on offer, it’s essential to plan ahead. The Fringe Society is available to help guests navigate the offerings and plan their ideal festival experience. The hefty Official Fringe Programme (available here) lists all the shows on offer.

Comedy is always one of the most popular genres at the festival. One of this year’s most buzzed about acts is comedian Adam Riches’ Inane Chicanery, held nightly at the Pleasance Dome. Another must-see comedian is Sofie Hagen, who won the “Best Newcomer” award at the 2015 Edinburgh Comedy Awards. Her act is called “Dead Baby Frog” and takes place at the Bedlam Theatre.

As for what’s on in theatre, a hotly-anticipated piece is Locus Amoenus, performed by New Zealand company Atresbandes, which deals with the struggle to reach paradise. FK Alexander’s is another interesting piece. Her show, (I Could Go on Singing Over the Rainbow), is an immersive experience in which the artist sings along with the recording of the last time Judy Garland ever sang “Over the Rainbow.”

If dance is more your fancy, there are two interesting Shakespeare pieces to look out for. A gender-reversed dance version of Lear will be put on by John Scott Dance, and a gender-reversed production of Macbeth by Company Chordelia called Lady Macbeth: Unsex Me Here will also be showing.

When you’re not watching ticketed performances, there’s plenty to see throughout the city. Edinburgh takes on a carnivalesque atmosphere during the festival, with spectacular acts taking to the streets to perform for locals and visitors. There are two dedicated street performance spaces in the city that are managed by the Society: the High Street on Royal Mile and the Mound Precinct. Here, guests can see previews of hundreds of shows as well as street performers of all sorts.


Tickets to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 are sold per performance and range in price. Download the Official Fringe Programme to see all the performances on offer. Tickets to every show are available for purchase at or via an official app available for download on iPhone and Android. Pick up your tickets once you arrive at one of the many collection points throughout the city.

From there, allow us to take over the planning. We can help you arrange a private jet charter to land in luxury at the Edinburgh Airport. Visit our simple calculator to estimate private jet charter prices, or contact us and a specialist will help you with a personalised quote.



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