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Spotlight on Knuffingen Airport Large

Spotlight on Knuffingen Airport

Knuffingen Airport differs from your usual airports, not only has it never had a single official complaint about a late take off, but there are also no issues with long queues at immigration, over-sized luggage or overbooked flights. How? Well, Knuffingen Airport is, in fact, a fully realistic computer-controlled miniature model.

Knuffingen Airport
Knuffingen Airport

The entire airport is set out over 150sqm within Hamburg Airport’s ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ along with seven other zones including Hamburg, America, Scandinavia and Switzerland to name but a few. It cost over 150,000 working hours and €3.5 million but has been a massive hit with visitors, with a fleet of 40 aircraft, plenty of cars, trucks and vans, as well as moving jet bridges, many guests become completely absorbed in the tiny airport. Mini planes taxi, take off and land, and cargo vehicles buzz around whilst passengers relax within the terminal itself.

So, whilst you can’t charter to Knuffingen Airport itself, why not charter a private jet to Hamburg Airport with Air Charter Service and experience this tiny airport first hand. Call us now for a quote.


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