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8 July 2015

At the moment the UK has been plunged into summer. Pub gardens are full, Wimbledon is in full swing and the sun is shining. But today is also the beginning of another British classic, a sporting event that rivals Wimbledon in popularity in the UK, the Ashes.

Played between England and Australia, the Ashes are a must-see on any cricket aficionados list. They started out as a simple Test cricket series taking place between Australia and England, but after a satirical obituary in an English newspaper stated that English cricket had died, been cremated and that its ashes would bees taken to Australia, a new sporting event was formed. Taking place at least once every four years, Australia currently hold the Ashes, but there’s definitely a strong spirit of reclamation infusing the English sporting fans. Starting today, the Ashes series continues till the 24th of August, with Tests occurring in Cardiff, London, Birmingham and Nottingham. The very dedicated will no doubt have tickets to multiple matches and could well be planning on driving between Tests, however, there’s also the option to charter.

If you’re on a budget, or if have a lot of friends and family with tickets, we recommend chartering a King Air 200 as you’ll be able to seat up to eight people and as a turboprop, is cheaper to fly. If you’ve a smaller group of up to four, you can jump in a Citation Mustang instead. This is a very light jet, so is quicker than the turboprop King Air but also more costly. All of the flights between each test location are 25-40 minutes.

We also took a look at chartering the entire Australian cricket team, plus their families from Sydney to Cardiff. But coming in at approx. £460,000 and utilising a Boeing 737-800, maybe they should save it for the return trip, if they have a reason to celebrate…

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