Travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic can be stressful. Private jet charter is a reliable alternative to busy scheduled services, allowing you to plan your trip without any uncertainty about how you’ll get there.

The benefits of flying privately during a pandemic

We all know travelling during a pandemic can be stressful. Ever-changing travel restrictions, sudden border closures, confusing forms to fill out, commercial flight cancellations – it’s enough to make you not want to fly at all!

These factors, along with worries about the lingering virus, have led to an influx of first-time private jet charter clients keen to avoid the busy terminals, crowded planes, delays and cancellations often associated with scheduled services. Travelling by private jet is a reliable alternative that allows you to plan your trip without uncertainty about how you’ll get there.


Space and privacy

We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you feel secure throughout your private charter experience, from arranging a socially distanced check-in at the private airport terminal to sourcing a larger aircraft with plenty of extra space on board. We can also put additional measures in place on request according to your personal requirements.

You can also avoid all the queues on departure and arrival, which are even worse at the moment with the additional paperwork required due to Covid-19.

Your own travel bubble

Because you’re using smaller private airports or terminals, you’re not having to share the space with a multitude of other people, which reduces the risk of possible infection. This is not only important for health, but also ensures you are not stranded if you test positive whilst abroad.

Flexible and reliable

Preparing for a trip during a pandemic is daunting enough without factoring in inconvenient flight times and last-minute cancellations. The world is still seeing far fewer scheduled flights than it did pre-pandemic, so your choices are comparatively limited. Unlike scheduled flights, with a bespoke private jet charter, you call the shots and can choose to depart at a time that suits you.

During these uncertain times of changing border restrictions and quarantine rules, we’re also happy to tailor our cancellation terms to each client’s individual needs wherever possible. This way, customers booking in advance can rest assured they won’t be out of pocket if they need to cancel further down the line due to testing and quarantining rules.

And why travel with Air Charter Service?

Round-the-clock service

Our clients tell us they prefer speaking to a real person rather than using a digital app. That’s why every ACS client enjoys round-the-clock service from a dedicated Personal Account Manager, who’s on-hand 24/7 to guide you through the charter process. Having a consistent point of contact means you won’t be asked to repeat details every time you call – instead, you’ll have a direct line to one expert who can deal with any requests.

We’ll take care of all the hard work when planning your charter, from making sure passenger locator forms are completed in time to showing you where and when to present a negative Covid-19 test result if needed. Our expert team knows exactly what’s required in each country and your experienced account manager will work with you to ensure everything is ready before your flight.

Travel restriction updates

Many destinations change their border restrictions with very little notice, making it difficult to keep up. With ACS, you don’t have to. We stay fully up-to-date with all the latest measures and ensure our clients are informed of any changes.

We’ll check whether the borders are open in your chosen destination and ensure you have the correct residency or visa. Before your flight, we’ll also provide detailed information on the relevant quarantining and Covid-19 testing requirements so you know exactly what you need to do in order to travel.

To find out more about private jet charter and receive a personalised quotation, call one of our experienced consultants now.

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