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The Evolution of Air Charter Service Large

The Evolution of Air Charter Service

After celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2015, we decided to update our look with a new logo. Here we’ll go into the history of our logo, and why the new one was chosen. This will be our fourth logo and the most drastic change thus far.

The first logo came about in 1992 when ACS Chairman Chris Leach, who didn’t have a logo for his company at the time, decided to share one with a friend in New York, joining forces to create a partnership with a transatlantic presence. At this stage the logo was red, white and dark blue and featured the outline of a Concorde, which was still flying regularly between the UK and US at the time. The second logo came about in 1995 after it became clear that Air Charter Service was going its own way, though the focus was an Ilyushin-76 in silhouette, and the colour palette changed to a dark and light blue (which have remained our brand colours since), losing the red from the previous logo entirely. By 2002, the business had diversified, and as such, the Ilyushin was no longer seen to accurate represent it. At this point it became clear that the logo had to change again, and so the silhouette became that of a generic aircraft. Come 2004 the business had evolved even further, branching out and increasing its executive jets offering, and as such the logo was once again out of date, as such it was amended to show an executive jet overlapping a larger aircraft, flying across the world, representing our global presence. This was the logo we have had since, representing Air Charter Service for the past 12 years, but it’s time for a change.

The Evolution of Air Charter Service
The Evolution of Air Charter Service

With Air Charter Service expanding to include more and more business ventures, such as travel, On Board Courier and insurance, the old logo just didn’t represent ACS as a whole anymore, and didn’t fit with its forward thinking, innovative ethos. So, to create a new logo to really capture everything that makes ACS the company it is today, we went back to basics, the heart of the company and from this we came up with three core values; Technology, Service and Expertise. We also looked at our three main divisions; Executive, Commercial and Cargo, which all of our products can fall under, and tried to find something to symbolise this unified, yet multifaceted organisation, with a single, strong mark. What we created, we feel, represents all this and more. A delta wing pointing to the future, made up of the three core values, coloured for the three divisions, all working together towards it. The new accompanying logotype is all capitals, conveying a stronger sense of expertise and authority, working with the clean lines of the logo, giving a real sense of direction and energy.

This is a new look for Air Charter Service, but our innovative and pioneering spirit, focus on personal service beyond expectation and unparalleled levels of expertise are the same ones you’ve come to trust over the past 25 years. Join us as we take the next step on our journey.


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