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26 June 2015

With a prize fund of nearly £2 million to the winner and just under £1million for the runner up, those in the upper echelons of the tennis world can afford to charter, and why wouldn’t they? Saving precious time, ensuring their racquets are safe and secure and allowing them to relax and focus on the upcoming tournament, there’s no reason not to. We’ve looked at what each of the top three ranked male and female tennis stars could expect if they chartered from their birthplace to the home of tennis in the UK.

Many of the top tennis players are from Europe, so they’ll be hopping aboard the same types of plane. Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Petra Kvitova can all hop on board a Citation Mustang, which offers four seats from their home turf. For Andy Murray it’ll take an hour and a half from Glasgow, at a cost of approx. £4,600. Roger Federer will have a slightly longer trip from Basel, Switzerland, and spend approx. £5,000 whilst Petra Kvitova has the longest journey at two and a half hours from Bilovec in the Czech Republic, which will cost approx. £6,500. If they fancied more space and a bathroom, they can upgrade to a Citation XLS+, which will cost from approx. £9,900 for Andy up to approx. £10,600 for Petra.

Novac Djokovic and Simona Halep have longer journeys and therefore need a slightly different aircraft. Their journeys take between three to three and a half hours respectively and we recommend they hop on a Citation CJ2+ or a Nextant, which each have six seats and a bathroom. For Novac it’ll put him back approx. £8,500 and for Simona, approx. £10,500. For a little more comfort we’d recommend they also upgrade to the Citation XLS+, which costs approx. £9,900 for Novac and £15,500 for Simona.

Serena Williams has the furthest to travel as she was born in Michigan, though she did move to Compton, California shortly after. Her flight would take around 7-8 hours so she’ll need to travel on a heavy jet. We recommend the Gulfstream GIV which has 14 seats and a gallery and bathroom on board. She’d have to spend approx. £60,000 for the privilege but it would be the most efficient way to get her across, and ensure she hit the court well rested and ready to play.

Now, though we have all the players, who bring their own racquets, we also need tennis balls. Wimbledon actually flies in its tennis balls, so we took a look at how we would charter for them. It turns out Wimbledon orders 54,200 tennis balls for Wimbledon, which fly in from the Philippines. If they were to charter them privately, we’d recommend popping them on an Airbus A310F from Manila to Stansted, which would cost approx. $245,000. Also, did you know it would take 7.6 million tennis balls to fill an empty Boeing 747? Luckily Wimbledon don’t need quite that many!

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