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Top 10 Airports for Private Jets in the United States

The 10 top private jet airports and private terminals in the United States to navigate your way to on your next private jet trip.

But some private jet airports and airports with a private terminal, often referred to as an FBOs or 'fixed-base-operators', go the extra mile, offering excellent amenities and services. This ensures private jet passengers can make the most of their time on the ground. We’ve put together a list of the ten top private jet airports and private terminals in the United States.

Teterboro Airport

Teterboro Airport has come a long way since its first flight in 1919. Now the airport is the most popular private jet terminal for the New York City area, seeing top business executives and celebrities taking to the air from its tarmac. The airport has five luxurious FBOs for passengers to choose from. The top pick may be Meridian, which was recently awarded the most luxurious FBO at Teterboro by Professional Pilot and Aviation International News.

  • Year opened: 1919
  • Distance from Manhattan: 12 miles
  • Land area: 827 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 0
  • Number of FBOs: 5

John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport can be found 35 miles south of LA, and is the most convenient gateway to Orange County. Located just a few miles from the beach towns of Newport and Laguna, as well as Disneyland and Anaheim Angels Stadium. Private jets operate out of Atlantic Aviation Orange County, which has an on-site concierge, valet and baggage services, and an exercise facility, and Signature FBO’s, which features multiple conference rooms and a large private lounge.

  • Year opened: 1923
  • Distance from downtown Los Angeles: 35 miles
  • Land area: 504 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 25
  • Number of FBOs: 2

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport, which is located just 22 miles from downtown Dallas, is one of the largest airports in the country. Luckily for private jet passengers, it also offers an incredibly well-equipped corporate aviation facility. The Corporate Aviation Terminal features a spacious lounge, two conference rooms, television, Wi-Fi, catering and a rental car facility.

  • Year opened: 1974
  • Distance from downtown Dallas: 22 miles
  • Land area: 17,207 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 213
  • Number of FBOs: 1

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport – the second largest airport in the Bay Area behind San Francisco International Airport – is rich in aviation history. The airport was the departing point for Charles Kingford Smith’s historic flight to Australia in 1928, as well as Amelia Earhart’s final voyage in 1937. Private planes are serviced out of KaiserAir and Signature FBOs, which offer gourmet catering and meeting facilities. Many travelers prefer this quieter, less crowded airport over SFO.

  • Year opened: 1927
  • Distance from downtown San Francisco: 20 miles
  • Land area: 2,600 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 55
  • Number of FBOs: 2

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is located just eight miles from downtown Miami, and is the second busiest airport in the country for international flights. Private jets are serviced out of the General Aviation Terminal, far removed from the action of the main airport. Private jet passengers have access to a luxurious new FBO facility, which offers a VIP lounge, showers and concierge services.

  • Year opened: 1928
  • Distance from downtown Miami: 8 miles
  • Land area: 3,230 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 150
  • Number of FBOs: 1

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport is another landmark airport in aviation history, as the birthplace of the commercial airline. Aviation pioneer Tony Jannus flew the first scheduled commercial flight from St. Petersburg to Tampa on January 1, 1914. Now the airport is just minutes from Tampa’s beaches and attractions, including Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. Private jets are serviced out of Sheltair and Signature FBOs, both first-class facilities offering Wi-Fi, refreshments and showers.

  • Year opened: 1952
  • Distance from downtown Tampa: 6 miles
  • Land area: 3,300 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 80
  • Number of FBOs: 2

Palm Beach International Airport

Palm Beach International Airport – located just 2.5 miles from West Palm Beach and 20 miles from Boca Raton – is among the most popular domestic destinations for private jet charters. Private jet passengers have a choice between three luxurious FBOs: Signature, Jet Aviation and Atlantic Aviation, all of which offer comfortable lounges, catering services, showers, and activities to keep the kids entertained.

  • Year opened: 1988
  • Distance from downtown Palm Beach: 3.5 miles
  • Land area: 151 hectares
  • Commercial destinations: 1
  • Number of FBOs: 1

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston is located just 23 miles from downtown Houston and is the most convenient gateway to one of America’s most charming cities. The airport is the second busiest in Texas behind Dallas Fort Worth, but is equipped with excellent facilities for private jet passengers. The Atlantic and Signature FBOs offer luxurious lounges with Wi-Fi, showers, conference rooms and concierge services.

  • Year opened: 1969
  • Distance from downtown Houston: 23 miles
  • Land area: 11,000
  • Commercial destinations: 180
  • Number of FBOs: 2

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is set between Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Dania Beach, and is a popular choice for travellers flying to the Caribbean. The airport was originally constructed as the Merle Fogg Field on May 1, 1929, and went on to become a training facility for the U.S. Navy. In 1943, George H. W. Bush trained at the facility and became the Navy’s youngest pilot of the time. Private jet passengers are serviced out of four luxurious FBOs.

  • Year opened: 1929
  • Distance from downtown Fort Lauderdale: 3 miles
  • Land area: 1,380 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 125
  • Number of FBOs: 4

Republic Airport

Republic Airport is also known as “Long Island’s Executive Airport” and can be found in Farmington, New York. The northern portion of the property is dedicated to the American Airpower Museum, which exhibits WWII aircraft. Republic Airport is the most convenient choice for travellers who live on Long Island, or those who are en route to the Hamptons. The airport features two well-appointed FBOs to choose from: Atlantic Aviation and SheltAir Aviation.

  • Year opened: 1928
  • Distance from from Manhattan: 40 miles
  • Land area: 526 acres
  • Commercial destinations: 0
  • Number of FBOs: 2



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