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Why businesses fly private

Most businesses and companies these days are multinational and are using private jet charter to connect themselves with the rest of the world. Some of the ways in which this helps a company is that they are able to save money, increase productivity and retain and meet new clients. Learn more about how private jet charter helps global businesses flourish.

Most businesses these days are multinational and this means that top level executives need to move around the world to connect with every part of their business; attending meetings, having face-to-face time with clients, checking in at factories, and making sure the business is on track towards success. Chartering a private jet allows you to travel quickly to places all around the world without the hassle or long queues. Here are a few reasons why private jet charter is the best transport solution for businesses around the world.

Time matters

Two businessmen running towards small private business jet
Two businessmen running towards small private business jet

This is one of the most important reasons why private jet charter is good for business. A private aircraft can be ready to go in only a few hours, which includes the time spent booking the flight and staffing and refueling the aircraft. While a commercial flight requires that you arrive a few hours before your flight and go through the pains of security and checking in, flying private allows you to skip all of that – you can arrive just before your flight is scheduled to leave. You can be productive with your time onboard the aircraft too since there aren’t loads of other passengers and distractions. There is no wait at your destination either, as you can simply grab what baggage you have off the plane and have a taxi waiting to take you straight to your hotel or meeting.

Traveling to remote areas and small airports is also only possible in smaller aircraft that can land on short runways. This gives you access to more destinations where there are airports not serviced by commercial airlines. You will also save time if you need to take multiple flights in a single day because you won’t be restricted by long changeovers.

Expect the unexpected

Businessman and woman sitting inside private jet discussing work
Businessman and woman sitting inside private jet discussing work

Things don’t always go as planned, as anyone in the business world will tell you. Times and dates for meetings and events change and sometimes things just don’t go as planned. When you charter a private jet, you have the flexibility to change your plans up until the very last minute. On most private jets, it’s even possible to change your plans during the flight, which gives you incredible flexibility and is obviously not possible on a standard commercial flight.

That’s not all. If you’re stuck in a meeting that has gone on longer than expected, for example, and you are running a bit late, a private jet will wait for you. There are few things that can hinder time efficiency like missing your flight will, and it also doesn’t look very good for your company’s reputation.

Private jet charter also allows you to have more say in determining your route. It is quite common in business today that you need to – somehow – be in more than one place at any given time. With private jet charter, you have the opportunity to be more flexible in determining the course of your flight and which airports you are landing at – you can be taken exactly where you need to be when you need to be there, in no time at all.

Heightened level of service

Stewardess aboard private jet offering businessman champagne
Stewardess aboard private jet offering businessman champagne

Traveling for business can really take its toll on you, especially if you need to fly multiple times a week or month. By flying private you have access to a much higher standard of service than on a typical commercial flight – even the most extravagant business class services on commercial flights pale in comparison. By having the added luxury of comfortable furnishings, extra personal space, and individualized attention you can have a more relaxing trip overall – keeping your stress down and your productivity high. If you travel with a team of colleagues, you also have the opportunity to work and discuss business matters during the flight.

It’s a good look

Young businessman working on his laptop on board a private jet
Young businessman working on his laptop on board a private jet

Flying a group of highly important investors and stakeholders with your top-level execs to the big annual meeting doesn’t look good from economy class. If you have a large group of high profile investors to transport it makes perfect sense to charter a private aircraft. By doing so, you can discuss business matters and form a bond with the executives in a level of comfort and interaction you can’t get from a commercial flight. Doing so makes your business look professional and enterprising, and everyone will arrive relaxed, refreshed and in style. After all, few things display the image of success quite like a private jet.

If your business is ready to take the next step towards success and you’re looking to save time, and as a result save some money, then private jet charter is the solution for you. Whether you charter a private jet to get you and your team from meeting to meeting, or you need a group charter to get your investors to view a site, contact ACS today so we can help your business take off.



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