• Passengers 7

With over 700 aircraft sold, the Hawker 400 and variations like the 400A, 400XP and 400XPR are among the most successful private jets of all time.

About this aircraft

  • Certified in 1986, the Beechjet 400 was renamed the Hawker 400 after aerospace conglomerate Raytheon merged the two brands in 1993.
  • Most of the models in operation today are the best-selling 400A variant, which has an extended cabin and enclosed rear lavatory.
  • The 400A usually seats seven passengers, although some configurations allow up to nine with one extra seat in the cabin and another in the lavatory.
  • The baggage compartment is large enough for six suitcases.

Renowned for its speed, cabin comfort, fuel efficiency and reliability, the Hawker 400 has been continually redesigned and renamed. Despite its age, the line’s 400A model remains a strong contender in its class for both business and leisure travel.

Interior design

The improved 400A is much more widely available to charter than the original 400.

The 400A’s seven-seat configuration usually has a four-set club formation in the centre with two additional seats at the rear and one at the front opposite the galley, while the nine-seat layout adds an extra seat at the front (no galley) and another in the enclosed lavatory. 

Fold-down tables allow passengers to dine, work or conduct meetings, while the spacious storage options can be accessed both internally and externally.

Below are two examples of a Hawker 400A’s configuration.

Interesting facts to learn before you fly

  • The 400A boasts a longer cabin, better range and higher takeoff weight than its predecessor.
  • If there’s a refreshment centre on board, it’s usually equipped to serve both hot and cold refreshments.
  • All seats swivel and recline, while some can also be converted into lie-down beds.

Technological features

Each of the Hawker 400’s two Pratt & Whitney JT15D engines produces 2,900 lbs of thrust and has an inspection interval of 3,500 hours.

The aircraft generally uses the Collins Pro Line 4 avionics system, which includes a digital flight control system, flight management system, colour weather radar, radio altimeter and Rosemount air data system.


The series began with the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, which first flew in 1978 before the upgraded Diamond 2 launched in 1985. Only 11 Diamond 2s were built before Beech purchased the design and production rights, resulting in the Beechjet 400.

The 400A launched in 1990 with a greater operating ceiling and a more spacious cabin. Aerospace conglomerate Raytheon purchased the line in 1993 and renamed it the Hawker 400, improving its aerodynamics to boost performance and range. The 400XP launched in 2004 with a revamped interior.


Headquartered in Kansas, American aircraft brand Beechcraft was originally part of Beech Aircraft Corporation. It later became a division of Raytheon and then Hawker Beechcraft, which built Beechcraft/Hawker business jets from 2006 to 2013.

After going bankrupt in 2012, the company emerged as Beechcraft Corporation and was acquired by Textron Aviation in 2014. Beechcraft discontinued the jet line but still offers parts and engineering support for existing aircraft.


An original Hawker 400 can cost around $650,000 (USD), while a 400A typically ranges from $1-$1.2 million

Charter rates

Charter rates for the popular Hawker 400A variant vary depending on the length of your journey and the airports you’re flying in and out of.

If you’d like to charter a Hawker 400A, contact our team for a quote today. For information on other charter options, browse our list of available private aircraft.

Wet lease rates

ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) wet lease rates for the Hawker 400A vary depending on the age of the aircraft, lease term length, number of guaranteed block hours and average cycle ratio. Contact us for a bespoke quote.

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Key details

  • Aircraft type Light Jets
  • Passengers 7
  • Cruise speed 866 km/h / 539 mph
  • Range 3,135 km / 1,948 miles


  • Luggage space 53 cubic feet
  • Enclosed lavatory Yes
  • Flight attendant Yes
  • Pressurised cabin Yes

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