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Pisa International Airport


Pisa International Airport

This airport in Italy is a dual use airport used both for commercial purposes and by the Italian Air Force. Pisa International Airport is also known as Galileo Galilei Airport, named after Galileo Galilei a local native and notable scientist. While the airport was originally developed in the 1930s for military use, it has now prospered into a successful commercial airport becoming the 10th busiest airport in Italy. Pisa International Airport has two runways, both capable of handling almost all of modern aircraft. The secondary runway, which is the shorter of the two, is use predominantly for taxing, but can also be used for landing and take-off when required. There is one large passenger terminal at the airport which deals with both domestic and international passengers. Within the passenger terminal an array of amenities can be found from Duty Free stores, to food and beverage outlets. A VIP lounge is located within departures, and offers facilities to business class and elite status passengers. The airport is a focus city for many airlines due to the areas popularity with tourists. The airport has its own train station, connected to Pisa by the ‘Pisa Mover’ an automated railway which commenced operation in 2017.

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