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Private Jet Charter to Muscat



Private jet charter and flights to Muscat

Often overshadowed by its flashier neighbours like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Muscat offers a beguiling taste of authentic Emirati charm. Oman’s capital city sits between mountains and sea, meaning you can explore the dramatic Hajar Range one day and dive with turtles the next. Experience it all: request a private jet charter quote from Air Charter Service. Experience it all request a private jet charter qoute from Air Charter Service.

At first glance, this ancient port-city has a surprisingly modern feel with its high-rise offices, busy highways and impressive malls. However, head to the seafront and you’ll glimpse a snapshot of Oman’s rich past amidst the Portuguese forts, vibrant mosques and traditional Arabian buildings. A must-visit attraction is the spectacular Grand Mosque, crowned with four minarets and a gleaming gold dome. Other architectural standouts include the regal gold-and-blue Al Alam Palace and the sleek marble Royal Opera House. Browse for traditional souvenirs such as llama wool pashminas at the labyrinthine Muttrah Souk, or head to the fruit and vegetable markets of Sultan Qaboos Port to sample the region’s signature sticky dates.

Two of the country’s best-known landmarks, the 16th-century Al-Jalali and Al-Mirani Forts, tower over the sparkling Gulf of Oman and are considered so important that the sultan declared no other buildings must overshadow them. You can delve further into Oman’s history at a range of fascinating museums, including the National Museum, Ghalya’s Museum of Modern Art and the Muscat Gate Museum, which sits atop a staircase offering stunning views over the city.

Away from the city’s bustling cultural centre, visitors can picnic in bloom-filled parks, unwind on pristine beaches and dive with turtles before ending the day with a sunset stroll along the waterfront Corniche. Regular boat tours offer the chance to spot dolphins cavorting off the coast, while active types can tackle a rocky hike from Riyam Park up into the tranquil hills to admire bird’s-eye views of the port and fortresses. The truly adventurous should book a four-wheel-drive tour of Rub' al Khali, the world’s largest uninterrupted sand desert, where 583,000 square kilometres of isolated dunes enthral photographers and soul-searchers alike. Make the visit extra-special by camping out under the stars.

Foodies won’t be disappointed with Muscat’s culinary offering. The city maintains a thriving fishing industry and visitors can feast on freshly caught kingfish, tuna, prawns and lobster alongside traditional regional delicacies like hummus, kebab and flatbread. Authentic Omani specialities available all over the city include shuwa, slow-cooked lamb or goat prepared in an underground oven; mishkak, grilled skewers of marinated meat and seafood served with spicy sauce; and halwa, a super-sweet gelatinous dessert flavoured with almonds, rose-water, saffron, butter and cardamom.

Some of the world’s biggest luxury hospitality brands have outposts in Muscat; from contemporary coastal retreats with private beaches and sea-facing suites, to mountainside escapes with swim-up rooms and indulgent spas. Gourmet restaurants and exceptional service come as standard in these world-class hotels. For a truly magical overnight experience, visitors can book a desert camping experience, sleeping under the stars in luxurious Bedouin tents featuring wooden beds and showers.

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