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Private Jet Charter to The Bahamas



Private jet charter to The Bahamas

Never far from maritime adventure or vast stretches of unspoiled bleach-white limestone beaches, The Bahamas is a destination of unadulterated luxury of the relaxation persuasion. Even mega manmade resort ‘Atlantis’ boasts the largest open-air marine habitat in the world. Come here for coral reefs and Creole food, to swim with dolphins and dance with the Junkanoo. Get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to Charter a private jet to The Bahamas.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean with its most northerly point just under an hour’s flight from Miami, this archipelago of some 700 sun-kissed islands (many uninhabited) spoil you for choice with powder soft sands, exotic outlying reefs and tranquil waters beckoning adventure on board a luxury yacht or deep beneath with snorkel, scuba diving gear or an exhilarating swim amongst sharks. With nearly everything within an hour’s reach by sky, it’s perfectly plausible to choose a sublime location, or two, or three to anchor by flight for the night.

The allure of immaculate coastline, cerulean waters and azure skies is evident everywhere you look, but that’s not the only draw on The Bahamas. Capital Nassau is worth a brief interlude for its famed traditional Fish Fry, colonial architecture and luxurious Atlantis Resort; Hill Steps and Titus Hole provide an extraordinary insight into the island’s heritage, and Grand Bahamas incredible mangrove swamp with its series of fascinating bat caves is well worth perusing by kayak. Lest not forget all night dancing, rum cocktails and fresh coconut water the next day!

But it’s the Out Islands that will give you the most memorable of Bahamian experiences. Privy to 340 days of sunshine and with the driest months being December to April, this is a destination that lives and breathes paradisiacal island hopping. The 120-mile-long dreamy Exuma Islands are thrilling enough to have been featured in three 007 movies, have a distinct air of exclusivity - mostly only accessible by private boat - and are, of course, home to the famed wild pigs that gleefully swim alongside you in the turquoise blue waters they call home. The Exuma Cays are playground to the rich and famous, where tantalising private homes sit alongside super plush resorts and fantastic restaurants such as Big D’s Conch Shack and Peace & Plenty, offering mouth-watering seafood platters.

Experience phenomenal nature at its best on Andros - The Bahamas largest island- which greets you with a 190-mile long reef, average water temperature of 80F year-round and more blue holes per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Andros’ five breathtaking National Parks are rich in flora and fauna and to top it all off, bonefishing, diving, Robinson Crusoe style seclusion and nature hiking are all part and parcel of a visit here. The private island of Kamalame Cay is located just off of Andros - a flawless resort where barefoot luxury and Champagne are just the beginning of a deliriously opulent stay.

The islands don’t stop there. Enchanting on a grand scale is the only way to describe Eleuthera and Harbour Island. Just 50 miles from Nassau, this sweet spot is home to ethereal pink beaches, tropical fish and turtles and plenty of fine dining. Its centerpiece is a long but slender stretch of 110 miles of sand. Seafood, tropical fruits and live music are in abundance at Rainbow Inn on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and we recommend walking off a night of indulgence at Glass Window Ridge come sunrise. Hailed as the narrowest point on earth, here the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean are just 30 feet apart, with dark blue Ocean on one side and turquoise Sea on the other.

The Bahamas is a coral-hued mix of luxurious resorts and boutique boltholes, traditional Fish Fry and Rake and Scrape Bands, incredible eco systems and aquatic exploration. And of course, the islands are a sun seekers playground of secluded beauty, where, even if you are dozing off, the odd coconut falling from a tree is unlikely to disturb your bliss.

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