Ukraine crisis: Emergency response

Cargo relief in Ukraine

With Ukrainian refugees entering surrounding countries in increasing numbers, ACS has implemented its emergency response plan sending personnel to the region and collecting all relevant information. Cargo being shipped so far includes medicines and shelter.


Passenger freighters are still fairly abundant in the EU and are available to transport cargo for now, however there will be restrictions on cabin loading from the 31st July.

Airlines operating regular palletized freighters currently have good availability.

Around six Ukrainian AN124s are flying and available for charters.

IL76s being used where necessary and where permits allow.

A number of AN12s are operational and will prioritize humanitarian flights.



Ukraine airspace is closed, and therefore any flights inbound and outbound have been via neighbouring countries.


Relatively easy to obtain permits for relief cargo into Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia with the only restrictions being around congestion at specific airports at certain times of the day.


ACS Activity

ACS has completed more than 50 flights, with several more in the coming days and weeks.

Inbound airports being used include Warsaw, Rzeszow, Budapest, Bucharest and Chișinău. We are also delivering to main EU hubs such as Liege and trucking from there.

In recent weeks ACS has also arranged a number of passenger flights for the repatriation of refugees.


Cargo Aircraft Availability

This is an example of the types of availabilities we have access to. Get in touch with our team for specific requirements.

Aircraft Origin Payload
B747 Far East and USA 110T
B777 UAE and Far East 100T
B767 USA and East Africa 42T
A300 EU and UAE 45T
Ilyushin 76 UAE 45T
B737F EU 20T
B757F EU 30T
A330-pax EU / UAE 50T
A340-pax EU 55T
B777-pax UAE 50T
An-12 EU 18T

*All charters are subject to availability at time of writing.


The following airports are with in 300 miles of the Ukrainian border.

Country: Airport Name: Airport Code (IATA/ ICAO): Runway Length: 24 hour ops
Poland Lublin LUZ/EPLB 2520m concrete/asphalt Yes
Poland Rzeszow RZE/EPRZ 3200m concrete/asphalt No
Poland Radom RDO/EPRA 2000m concrete/asphalt No
Poland "Wroclaw Copernicus - Strachowice" WRO/EPWR 2500m concrete No
Poland Krakow - Balice KRK/EPKK 2520m concrete Yes
Poland Warsaw - Chopin WAW/EPWA 3690m concrete/asphalt Yes
Poland Katowice KTW/EPKT 3200m concrete Yes
Poland Warsaw - Modlin WMI/EPMO 2500m concrete/asphalt Yes
Poland Łódż LCJ/EPLL 2500m concrete/asphalt No
Poland Olsztyn SZY/EPSY 2500m concrete No
Moldova Chisinau International Airport KIV/LUKK 3590m Yes
Romania Baia Mare Airport BAY/LRBM 2270m No
Romania Satu Mare International Airport SUJ/ LRSM 2500m No
Romania Suceava International Airport SCV/LRSV 2460m (Asphalt) No
Romania Cluj-Napoca International Airport CLJ/LRCL 2040m (Concrete) Yes
Romania Iasi International Airport IAS/LRIA 2400m (Asphalt) Yes
Romania Targu Mures International Airport TGM/LRTM 2000m (Asphalt) No
Romania Oradea International Airport OMR/LROD 2100m (Concrete) No
Romania Bacau International Airport BCM/LRBC 2500m (Asphalt) Yes
Romania Brasov Airport BRV/LROV 2850m No
Romania Sibiu International Airport SBZ/LRSB 2630m (Concrete) Yes
Romania Arad International Airport ARW/LRAR 2000m (Concrete) Yes
Romania Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport TSR/LRTR 3500m (Asphalt) Yes
Romania Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport OTP/LROP 3501m (Asphalt) 06R/3499m (Asphalt) 06L Yes
Romania Craiova International Airport CRA/LRCV 2500m (Asphalt) Yes
Romania Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu Airport BBU/LRBS 3099m (Asphalt) Yes
Hungary Nyiregyháza QEY/LHNY 1000m (Asphalt) No
Hungary Debrecen DEB/LHDC 2500m (Concrete) No
Hungary Budapest BUD/LHBP 13R/31L - 3009m / 13L/31R-3707m (Concrete) Yes
Hungary Szeged QEU/LHUD 1186m (Asphalt) No
Hungary Gyor QGY/LHPR 2030m (Asphalt) No
Hungary Pecs PEV/LHPP 1500m No
Hungary Fertoszentmiklós QEG/LHFM 985m (Asphalt) No
Hungary Sarmellek SOB/LHSM 2500m (Concrete) No
Slovakia Poprad-Tatry TAT/LZTT 2600m concrete No
Slovakia Sliač Airport SLD / LZSL 2402 concrete Yes
Slovakia Kosice KSC/LZKZ 3100m asphalt Yes
Slovakia Žilina ILZ/LZZI 1150m concrete/asphalt No
Slovakia Piešťany PZY/LZPP 2000m concrete/asphalt No
Slovakia Bratislava BTS/LZIB "2900m concrete 3190m concrete" Yes


In these emergency situations, which often present the greatest logistical challenges of all, our specialist expertise and global connections are vital to the smooth running of relief operations.

Our teams are contactable 24/7, each one of our charter experts has undergone intensive training, so that they understand exactly what it takes to manage a charter flight from start to finish.



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