We were asked to help arrange a performance during a flight for a promotional music video.

Filming a music video at 30,000 feet

Organisers BigCityBeats challenged us to help record a promotional music video for their latest project – Space Club Kitchen, the world’s first-ever orbital cooking event. We needed to arrange a charter to fly the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra across Germany, where they would be filmed performing in a stationary aircraft on the runway before continuing the show in the air with legendary violinist David Garrett on the return flight.

Route: Frankfurt > Leipzig > Frankfurt

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 and Antonov AN124

Our Solution

We needed two aircraft for this complex job: one to transport the orchestra and another for on-the-ground filming. Within a few hours of receiving the request, we’d sourced a Boeing 737-800 that could fly the group and their instruments in the cabin and accommodate the return show, along with a stationary Antonov AN124 that was perfect for the scenes to be shot on the runway. Our experienced team worked with the operator to iron out the final details, including arranging branding in the cabin. On the day of the flight, we sent an ACS representative to accompany the orchestra onboard and personally oversee everything.

The Finer Details

Unrivalled Experience: Having worked with ACS on similar projects in the past, the client knew they could rely on our expertise to ensure everything ran smoothly.


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