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Runway Models: The World's Most Beautiful Jets

Some private jet charters are so beautiful that it's easy to imagine them as fashion runway models. We bring you the most gorgeous jets that have graced the sky and showed us what it means to travel in style.

We regularly add new entries to our comprehensive aircraft guide and during our last update we felt so inspired that we decided to reach out to actual fashion and beauty experts on board and have a little fun. Somehow we convinced them to take a break from their schedule and participate in a little recreation, discussing stylish birds of metal as though the planes really were human runway/catwalk models. Our practiced new friends took to the game with gracious team spirit. Let’s see how they rated the ‘ladies of the runway’ according to elegance and performance.

Duchess of Fashion
Duchess of Fashion

Commentary by: Eleasha Ajadi of Duchess of Fashion

Her all-black sleek exterior looks refined, polished and sophisticated; much like a typical Parisian woman dressed head to toe in black. She glides down the runway, smooth and effortless, looking to take centre stage among her competitors. Her style is chic and edgy with a rock n roll vibe. She wears nothing but the best designs from the latest seasons. Her favourites are modern, contemporary French brands such as Givenchy, Iro and Sandro from which she can choose her favourite leather and silk fabrics from their latest collections.

My favourite aspect is her air of exclusivity. She’s not available to anyone and everyone but only to lucky individuals who can afford her presence, much like the illusive Black Card by American Express. It’s by invitation only that one could join her for a trip down the runway.

Fashion Bite
Fashion Bite

Commentary by: Emily Seares, editor of Fashion Bite

Gliding down the runway for the DIOR Autumn/Winter ’15 Ready-To-Wear show, this model is the epitome of Creative Director Raf Simon’s ultimate DIOR girl. Both powerful and feminine, she has the attitude and persona which defines modern elegance. Tailoring- which is cut to a masculine or ‘boyfriend’ style using luxurious, feminine fabrics - moulds to the body to form a sleekly defined silhouette. The contrast between masculine and feminine personifies the overall look this season.

This model purrs down the runway dressed in a stunning palette of pure white, accented with the soft, curved lines of deep berry. In a high neckline style that accentuates her tall, slim form, her hair is kept long, glossy and ultra-sleek for that added touch of luxurious, high octane glamour. Her sleek appearance is finished off with a tip of red, as footwear continues to reference the same beautiful, burgundy tones. With a runway designed for a world leading brand, there is no question that this model defines the ultimate in powerful, beautiful design.


Commentary by: Elizabeth Sellers of Rosalilium

Here comes the striking Dassault Falcon 900, wearing the colour of this season: slate grey. She oozes understated glamour and sophistication, displaying a gentle silhouette of curves. These curves contrast beautifully with this season's trend for sharp tails and cruciform tailplane. The Falcon is undoubtedly one of the hottest style tickets on the runway this season and it's easy to see why. With a strong sense of control, and a cheeky nod to classic fifties-style models, the Falcon has a majestic take on small aircraft fashion.

As you can see, the tailoring of this trijet model has allowed for ample cabin space without compromising the classic style most fashion and aircraft lovers enjoy. I think we can expect some great combinations with this luxury aircraft, blending classic sophistication with utility design, all whilst maintaining a contemporary edge that fashionistas have been falling head over heels for.

Duchess of Fashion
Duchess of Fashion

Commentary by: Bonnie Rakhit, founder of The Style Traveller

And our next model to walk the catwalk is the understated yet elegant Gulfstream G650. Known for her classic and demure, streamline silhouette, G as we like to call her at the Maison de l'air, looks captivating, as she glides down the runway with an effortless air of nonchalance and the grace of a speeding gazelle. She’s sporting a cheeky, glossy coat, which is an exclusive trend we've been spotting a lot lately at the haute couture houses of Paris and Milan.

This season the designer has opted for a very 'on-trend' sleek shine, which accentuates her beautifully, feminine curves in spectacular fashion. Colours are an eloquent palette of monochrome. Chic and brilliant white juxtaposed with a noir, geometric and linear trim, all accented with futuristic bursts of mercurial chrome. The G650 is the epitome of minimal, luxurious style regardless of season. A timeless classic, you might say. Expertly put together with technical precision and an abundance of effortless style, which I foresee will be revered and imitated for seasons to come.

Air Charter Service
Air Charter Service

Commentary by: Air Charter Service

This looked like a lot of fun so we couldn’t help giving it a try ourselves – it’s amateur fashion hour.

Energy and charisma are her most disarming features as she glides effortlessly down the runway, undaunted by the cheering crowds. She’s short for a runway model but her confidence makes it clear that she possesses an undisputed command over it. Adorned in a fresh and vibrant cyan and white colour pallet, she isn’t following the trends of the season, she’s (jet) setting them.

She’s ushering in the blue fashion season and her stark white skin and black footwear compliment her efforts magnificently. The designer has opted for a minimalist approach which only serves to accentuate her selected features, calling immediate attention to her natural grace and high-powered performance.

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