We overcame logistical obstacles to transport a group of Brazilian estate agents to view a new property development.

Transporting Brazilian estate agents to a property development

In November 2021, a Brazilian real estate company asked us to arrange a same-day round-trip group charter for 100 estate agents to view a new property development in Pelotas. With a larger group than the small airport could handle and not enough time for the crew to rest between the outbound and return flights, we worked closely with the operator to overcome the logistical difficulties and ensure the charter ran smoothly.

Our Solution

Route: Uberlândia > Pelotas > Uberlândia

Aircraft: ATR 42

We persuaded the client to reduce the number of passengers so that we could transport the whole group to Pelotas on one aircraft, before sourcing an ATR 42 twin turboprop that was able to land at the small airport.

There wasn’t enough time to rest the crew on the outbound flight before the return leg departed, but it was too expensive to fly all the way back to Uberlândia for substitutes. Instead, our experienced team liaised with the operator to come up with the cost-effective solution of transporting a replacement crew via scheduled services to Navegantes.

The Finer Details

Onboard Branding: We arranged for a branded decal on the aircraft’s exterior and branded headrest covers for onboard the charter.


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