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Private jet charter to Belarus

You probably won’t find the land-locked Eastern European country of Belarus on many people’s bucket list. Some may even struggle to pinpoint it on a map. However, its off-the-beaten-track position between Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania gives it a real undiscovered feel. Combine this with remnants of an intriguing and often troubled history, a number of real cultural gems and a modern outlook on life, and suddenly this former Soviet republic starts to seem worthy of a visit. See if for yourself by getting a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter flights to Belarus.

Most of Belarus’ hundred thousand or so visitors head for capital city Minsk, which rebuilt following the Second World War. Architecturally speaking, the city is actually one of the most modern on the continent, but this contemporary façade hides a rich and unsettled past. Most ‘public’ buildings are characteristic of the post-war Soviet style, including the city council, university and much of the architecture surrounding Independence and Victory Squares. A few surviving structures showcase styles from other eras, including the 1930s House of Government and House of Officers, the early 20th-Century neo-gothic Church of Saints Simon and Helen (also known as the Red Church) and the iconic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, which was originally built in the mid-1600s.

As with other capital cities around the world, Minsk is home to several museums. The most famous and unique of these is the Great Patriotic War Museum, which first opened its doors months after the city was liberated by the Red Army. It tells the story of World War II from a Soviet Union perspective and all the signs are written in Russian, so book an English-speaking guide when visiting. Although the National Library of Belarus doesn’t sound like the most exciting attraction, its unique and ultra-modern building offers panoramic views from a viewing platform.

Another city of note is Brest. Located near the border with Poland in the southwest of the country, this urban centre has changed hands many times throughout history and been besieged numerous times. The main sight here is Brest Fortress, which was built in the mid-1800s by the Russian Empire and was famously defended from the Nazis by Soviet troops in 1941. You can learn more about this chequered past at the Museum of the Heroic Defence of the Brest Fortress, but it’s also worth reading up on the full sad story of those captured and the horrors faced by the country’s Jewish population.

If you want to get even more off the tourist track, head out on day trips from the capital to towns and cities like Mir and Nyasvizh, both of which are home to UNESCO-listed castles that offer a glimpse into the pre-War and Soviet eras. Further afield in the north of the country, you’ll find one of the oldest settlements, Polatask. A stark contrast from the likes of Minsk, this spot is a true beauty with medieval buildings such as the Cathedral of Saint Sophia. The charming north-western city of Hrodna (also known as Grodno) has a European vibe you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in the country and boasts two castles and some beautiful churches.

Belarus also surprises when it comes to natural beauty. The country’s vast ancient forests are largely protected as part of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can marvel at huge oak trees over 500 years old and hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The rare European bison is the park’s wildlife star; however there are also wolves, wild horses, lynx and diverse birdlife.

Minsk National Airport is the country’s main airport. There are a few other airports throughout the country, including Polatask and Brest. Simply contact our team and we’ll arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Belarus.



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